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What's your highest and best use?

You may have heard the term highest and best use in real estate. Appraisers and real estate professionals use this to determine the most profitable use of property. Here's the definition of highest and best use from the PrepAgent Real Estate Exam site:

"A potential use cannot be considered to be the highest and best use unless it is all four of the following:

1. Legally allowable 2. Physically possible 3. Financially feasible 4. Maximum utility / Profitability"

This, at long last, brings me to the point - are you at your highest and best use? You're running a business. Assuming it's legal, physically possible, and financially feasible, is it as profitable as it can be? You do what you do - whatever that is: doctor / lawyer / fund manager / caterer / etc. Chances are, unless your business is actually accounting, you are wasting valuable, potentially profitable, time working on accounting for your business. Can you honestly say that scanning receipts or emailing invoices is a better use of your time than running your business? I didn't think so...

As you come to realize that you should run your business instead of chasing receipts and, heaven forbid, making journal entries, what now? Are your books in order? Could you use some help to get to your highest and best use? Our highest and best use is actually accounting and financial operations. We can take this off your plate. Let us help you get your financial house in order. You do you, and we'll help you get to your highest and best use.

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