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Outsourced HR: Experience makes a difference

Our team at NexTier is well-versed in all aspects of Human Resources. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire employment cycle, including recruitment, onboarding, benefits, performance management, and separations. We can also assist you in navigating the constantly evolving employment regulations to ensure compliance with all laws. Let us be your trusted guide in the world of HR.

We're with you every step of the way.

Attraction: Our services assist in building your brand as an attractive workplace to lure in top talent.

Recruitment: With our industry connections, we can locate the ideal candidates for your job openings.  We help you with job descriptions and analysis.

Onboarding: We aid in creating a uniform onboarding process that reinforces your company culture, including creating a custom employee handbook for your company.

Enablement: Once you have the right people, we ensure they have the necessary tools and information to excel in their roles.

Development: We collaborate with you to create performance evaluations, leadership development, and coaching.  We are your trusted partner with change management and workforce planning.

Retention: Our services include salary administration, bonus incentive plans, benefit packages, and unique ways to recognize hard work and employee milestones.

Separation: We help establish a consistent process that ensures all policies and procedures are followed during employee separations, making the process as smooth as possible.

NexTier's approach to the HR lifecycle

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Meet your outsourced HR team

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