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The NexTier Difference

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The NexTier difference:

· Experienced team that has worked together for 20+ years

· Appropriate staffing of your engagement

· Expanded knowledge of your business and industry

· Proper segregation of duties

· Efficiency and collaboration

What makes NexTier different from other outsourced service providers? Most fractional Controllers or CFOs work solely for themselves. Those who are within a group or partnership, are still most likely working solo on your engagement, with back-office support that might support their individual practice or fiefdom, but adds little value to your interaction with the outsourced group.

NexTier provides you with a team, and a team that has worked together for over 20 years. This adds efficiency and strength to your organization. Each member of the NexTier team will be current with the needs of your business, and we’ll assign responsibilities among our team appropriately.

For example, companies that utilize fractional accounting services most likely do so because they are not large enough to need a full time Controller or CFO. However, many of day-to-day items that cross the desk of these accounting professionals, whether they are full-time or fractional, are not high-level, nor complex, accounting issues. Examples of this include maintaining vendor relationships, payroll administration, and lease decisions.

You don’t want to be paying your outsourced CFO several hundred dollars per hour to handle accounts payable functions! Our team will segregate these duties to the appropriate personnel, leading to increased efficiencies and expanded collaboration among the team members on your account.

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