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Let QuickBooks Do The Work!

Many companies big and small use QuickBooks for accounting. It's a solid accounting system that's easy to use. Chances are, it's smarter than you are. It can do more than reports and bank recs - you just need to let it do some of the work. You don't need to spend money for add on programs to get a lot of functionality from QuickBooks. Here are just a few ways it can help you every day.

There's an app for that. The app lets you quickly get company information and take pictures of your receipts. In real time, you can access receipts in QuickBooks. This is no small thing. By regularly uploading receipts, you can efficiently track expenses. I bet in less than a month, you won't even miss the shoebox you were using for receipts!

Reimbursable Expense Invoicing. If you invoice your client for reimbursable expenses, you can literally check a box on the expense to include it on the invoice. The documentation you have on the expense can be included on the invoice that you email to the client.

Link up your business bank & credit card accounts. You can set up your on line banking and credit card in QuickBooks to bring in transactions automatically. Once in the system, you can review, match to existing transactions, and edit expense account information as necessary. This only takes a couple of minutes and helps you regularly monitor your spending.

Bank reconciliations are easier. The transactions you have been importing from your bank now make the bank reconciliation almost completely automated. You enter the ending balance and date, QuickBooks has done the rest already. You haven't missed any transactions, as you've been reviewing them more frequently throughout the month with the automatic downloads.

Time tracking is easy. You can track your time by task or on a weekly timesheet. By checking the box for billable time, the hours you track are easily included in an invoice to your client. Adjustments can be made on the invoice if necessary.

QuickBooks helps you with your two most important jobs managing your business: getting paid and watching expenses. Get the most out of QuickBooks - you're paying for it, why not?

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