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Problem: How do I write an employee handbook?

Solution: NexTier takes the time to understand your culture and helps guide you through the process of creating an employee handbook.

Problem: How do I write an employee handbook?

Your business has matured from the "two guys in a garage" stage to the managed growth stage. Creating an employee handbook is a great way to communicate your company mission, culture, and policies to all employees.

Where do you start? NexTier has helped many companies with writing out policies and procedures that ultimately make up the employee handbook. There are many different templates and examples to choose from, and it's important to keep a few things in mind.

Your handbook is an expression of your company. If you simply cut and paste from a generic template that covers every possible scenario, you'll lose sight of your real message.

Use the handbook to set and manage expectations. Use plain language to make sure your employees understand your perspective on acceptable behaviors. Consider how to set the tone for things like remote work and flexible schedules. What about side hustles? Dress code? Social media? Use the handbook to address issues that matter to you and ultimately create your business culture.

How about employee benefits? Your handbook can provide a basic outline of for paid time off, insurance, 401(k) plans, and other benefits like education reimbursement.

Finally, make sure your handbook is flexible enough to roll with change. You'll still need to update it periodically, but avoid details that require constant updates.

NexTier takes the time to learn you and your business. From there, we can create a handbook that will be a valuable resource for your employees.

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