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Problem: Who's my CCO now?

Solution: NexTier has a dedicated team that will work with you to manage your compliance program.

Problem:  Who's my CCO now?

If you're an advisor or manage a fund, it's critical that you have a robust compliance program. If you're a smaller firm, using an outsourced Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is a great solution. However, what happens when the compliance consulting firms that provide outsourced CCOs are bought up by bigger firms?

They still want your business, but you're not big enough for them to care about providing you with individualized service. You end up with junior consultants instead of experienced CCOs managing your compliance program. They may or may not have industry experience to help you identify and manage the risks specific to your firm.

NexTier is different. We believe in getting to know you and your firm. You always know who to call when you've got questions. We've got years of advisor and fund compliance experience. It's not our first rodeo.

We design a compliance program that meets your needs to help your firm grow responsibly. We stay on top of SEC requirements that can impact your firm. Our compliance officers are in constant communication with you. Whether it's a weekly video conference call or an onsite visit, we make the time for all of your compliance needs.

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