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Problem: My CFO is retiring

Solution: NexTier helps to ease the pain of the transition when your CFO retires. We take the time to understand your business. We work with you to ensure all your accounting and reporting requirements are met.

Problem:  My CFO is retiring

NexTier's professionals help to manage the transition when a key employee like the CFO is retiring. While every situation is different, we always do the following:

We get to know the person retiring. The outgoing CFO is the best teacher you have to help with the transition. We shadow your CFO to learn the day to day requirements of the job. We speak accounting. We take good notes and ask lots of questions. It's a great way to understand your business. This process also helps the outgoing employee feel valued. We take the time to listen.

We automate where we can. This means that we will set up data downloads from your banks and have real time information for reporting. Even though accountants love paper, we try to minimize this and get your files saved electronically, so you have quick and easy access to all your company files.

We learn your reporting requirements. By asking what you want to see, we come up with custom reporting solutions for you. You set the time tables and deadlines, and we get it done.

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