• Candi Hughes

Our Secret Sauce..

I was telling a friend about our business the other day. He asked me - what's your angle? What makes you different? I can search up outsourced accounting and get any number of people that do this work. Why you? Good questions..

The truth is, we're not doing anything unique. Accounting has been around for a long time, and we're not reinventing that wheel. We are offering up the experience of working over 20 years in this industry TOGETHER. I dare say many marriages don't last that long.

So what? There are times when one person simply isn't enough. There are times when one of us hasn't seen or done something - or maybe we have, but not very well. We have the experience of coming at the same problems for all these years from both the Controller perspective and the CFO perspective. We both have an eye for operations but with our unique viewpoints. Where I fall down, Lance picks me up and vice versa. Your business gets the benefit of this synergy without having to put 20 years of trial and error into the mix. It's truly magic in a bottle.

I like to think about this in terms of my chocolate chip cookies. I've been making cookies since I was a kid. I always get good reviews on them, and all I do is use the recipe from the back of the bag. I'm not reinventing the cookie, and there's no secret ingredients. I've just got it down so that they are good every time. We all have that friend that thinks he/she can bake but makes things that you wouldn't even find in a lab. Guess what? She's using that same recipe. The difference is I know what I'm doing.

It's the same thing here. We have been doing accounting for a long time. We know what we're doing, and you don't need to pay for the extra time that kind of experience costs. Together, we will help you get the results you need. Give us a call. I'll bring cookies...

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