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  • Candi Hughes

OMG! Easy way to get rid of skinny columns in Excel

How many of you use skinny columns in Excel to separate data? I need to tell you that this is bad behavior for spreadsheets. It creates problems with formulas and tables that rely on continuous data. You are better than that!

People use skinny columns in between data columns because underline and borderlines are not really great for headings. Underline only shows directly under text, so you have ugly, inconsistent headings. Borderlines don't have a break between columns showing a separation for your data.

Thankfully, Excel has a very simple way to avoid using these skinny worksheet pests. It's as easy as setting the formatting for the sheet to Accounting. If you don't like dollar signs and/or 2 decimal places, you can switch those off in the formatting screen.

You go from this ugliness:

To this amazingness in a couple of mouse clicks:

Mind blown, time saved. You're welcome!

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